Keeping Your Boat in Tip Top Shape

By Staff Writer



Palm Harbor, FL -- Good maintenance habits can add years to your boat and save you many pounding headaches. Taking good care of one's boat is very important and doesn't have to be overly time consuming.

The following are some basic boat care tips:


         After running in saltwater, it is recommended that you flush your engine with fresh water

         Hose saltwater off of the hull and deck after each use in saltwater

         Quickly wipe down the hull after pulling the boat out of the water onto a trailer

         Use non-skid cleaning on the deck

         Securely cover the boat before putting it away in storage

         Wax the boat at least once per year to help protect the gel coat from UV rays and maintain a bright shine

         Parts and accessories should be inspected regularly with defective parts being replaced as needed

         When your boat is not in use, a cover will keep it protected from harsh weather and unnecessary damage.


A few extra minutes invested after each outing can greatly increase the longevity and future resale value of your boat.