Preparing Your Boat for the Season

By Staff Writer



Palm Harbor, FL -- Spring has finally arrived and you want to make sure your boat is ready for the first really nice day of boating season. So now is the time to prepare your boat for the summer. Just because it ran well at the end of last season doesn't mean it's ready to go in the water this season. Here are a few items to review before launching your boat this season:


         If you winterized your boat at the end of last season, you'll want to do a spring tune up. Changing the oil and filter, lubricating parts, and cleaning the spark plugs is a good start.


         Check hoses and connections from gas tank to the engine. Look for cracks or wear that may have appeared over the winter. Replace anything that looks like it may be a problem. Add new gas to the tank as the stabilizers they put in during winterization has kept the gas uniform over the winter. You'll want to start the season with fresh gas.


         The battery is a crucial component in your boat, be sure to check it before pushing off from the dock. Test the charge and clean the grime off the battery terminals with a battery brush.


         Inspect all the wires to see if there are any kinks or cracks. Replace any wires if they look damaged. Make sure all of the connections are tight. Replace any electrical tape you had on the wires from last season as the fluctuating temperatures and moisture in the air could have loosened it.


         The constant stress and vibration of your boat cruising across a lake or river will loosen components and screws. Tighten all connections such as seats, hinges, rub rails, hull supports, floors, fish finders, electrical switches, trolling motor mounts and anything else held together with screws.


         Verify all safety gear and equipment complies with the boating regulations your boat type. Make sure your First Aid Kit is stocked and replenished with necessary supplies. Make sure you have an extra supply of fuses and don't forget the anchor and a tool kit.


         Inspect the tires on your trailer for adequate tread and make sure there are no cracks or bulges on the sides. Inflate the tires to the recommended air pressure. Replenish grease and repack the bearings if needed. Check to make sure all the lights are operating properly. Check the winch and straps while tightening any loose nuts and bolts. Replace any straps that show signs of wear.


         Make sure the registrations for both your boat and trailer are current and that you have installed the appropriate stickers.


         Always have a fire extinguisher on board you boat and check the expiration date to make sure it's fully charged and ready.


Follow these simple steps to make sure your inaugural voyage is a successful one. If you'd like to have your boat and trailer inspected by a technician, Click Here and one of's Managed Services agents will gladly coordinate it for you.